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I've considered myself pretty lucky to be at the job I currently have. It's challenging, and I have great editors who give me a lot of control over what I write. And of course they're in another state, which is always a bonus. Generally speaking, they like what I do, so they let me do it with minimal interference.

Mind you, the job I had for this one had editors who were micromanagers -- whose idea of how to edit a story began with scrolling down and rewriting it completely.

Now two sister publications -- both based in the same office where my "bureau" (which consists of me) is based -- are losing their reporters who cover essentially the same beat as I do. Now both of these papers are better known than mine which would mean a higher profile and higher pay. (More about that later.) It's also higher stress. And while I like folks at both locations, since I work next to them, I know that it would be a lot more intense. And, like I said, I've got it pretty good in the situation I'm in now.

So am I crazy not to be pursuing either of those positions? Is this a happy rut or the perfect job for me?

Oh, and in terms of pay. A lot more money. (These pubs have higher ad revenue.) As in five figures more. As in when I once compared my pay to one of their reporters with similar experience, he made $15,000 more annually than me. Of course the only job decision I ever made based on money, I ended up regretting, and it took me three years to get out of there.

So, I'm not really interested in pursuing the other jobs, but keep wondering if something is wrong with me that I'm not.


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