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Don't get me wrong, I'm really digging all the stuff Greg Yaitanes and company have been doing to reach out to fandom. I'm simply astounded at how clueless some of fandom is, and completely amazed and how he (and the rest) have been going with the flow regardless. For instance:

1) He's already told you he's not going to give out spoilers. Stop asking already.

2) Yes, he refers to "Huddy" or "Hilson" or whomever. He's stated that he (and apparently the show runners in general) use them as shorthand to denote a non-medical scene or arc between two characters. It does not denote an official ship.
2a) No, your ship is not the exception to the rule, no matter how much you may claim that it is.
2b) Yours neither
2c) You give up all rights to whine about the ship you imagined not coming true if you ignore any of the above.

3) No, the twitter members in your particular ship group are not OMG SO MUCH MORE MATURE THAN THOSE STINKY OTHER SHIPPERS. Really.

4) If you've already asked the same question four times and he hasn't answered? Stop bugging him.

5) If he's told you to ask yoteddy, then ask yoteddy.

6) If you're the sick bastard making racial comments to Omar Epps or calling an interracial relationship "creepy," STFU and GTFO

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Date: 2009-10-18 10:30 pm (UTC)
zulu: Omar Epps, looking awesome (house - epps)
From: [personal profile] zulu
I swear the House/Foreman shippers are the sanest in the fandom!

(But for serious, people are tweeting against Omar Epps and Foreteen? Colour me enraged yet unsurprised.)


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