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Finished reading "Super Sad True Love Story" last night. Still don't know exactly what I think of it. In one sense, it's a fairly simply plot, but it's played out against a future AU scenario that's so easy to imagine, that it all has a unique spin to it.

It certainly has its dystopian attitudes, but at the same time is so damn entertaining to read, that the pages fly by and you keep wondering what's next. (One review of it I'd seen is that it was a near illiterate world, but that's not really accurate. There's no dense faux/bastardized language to wade through. It's fairly straight up journal on one side, with the other POV told through something similar to Facebook posts and IMs, but the bulk of the story is told via the journal.)

Starting the prowl for the next book to read now.

Also ... a couple of years back I did a one week "summer school" course at Oxford through its outreach program on writing. Oxford now is offering everyone who's ever taken a writing class in any one of its various offshoots a short story contest -- 1,800 to 2,200 words. I may have to see if I can hone in on something, just because. It would be good in the midst of all the insanity dealing with my brother's issues to be able to put some effort in writing again.

Speaking of my brother ... Some of you may know he's been in the hospital since Dec. 14. Long story short: Major hernia, major surgery, complications, infections, ICU (six weeks) yadda, yadda. He's been in rehab since March 1 (yay!) although will need longer term rehab at another facility, so I've got this month to get him moved out of his current apartment and put his stuff into storage. Even if he had money to pay for both rehab (which is actually being paid mostly by Medicaid, though he'll have to pay in most of his income -- he's on Social Security Disability) and his apartment rent, he can't move back in there because there are too many stairs.

I remember when he went into the hospital and I thought it would be nice in a week when everything was back to normal.
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